Universisty of Lay Adventists of Kigali


The Universisty of Lay Adventists of Kigali - UNILAK is one of the private institutions of higher learning in Rwanda, contributing to the development of the country through education. UNILAK was established in 1997 by the Federation of Adventist Parents’ Associations for the Development of Education in Rwanda – FAPADER.

It was accredited by Ministerial Order N°002/09 of 09/04/2009 granting the Definitive Operating License. Since 2009 UNILAK has held three graduations that saw over 3388 students awarded Bachelor’s Degrees in Law ; in Business Administration with option of Finance ; Bachelor’s Degree in Rural Development and the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Management.

UNILAK has embarked on a number of projects like the development of its infrastructure, the capacity building for its staff and the restructuring and diversification of the programmes in both Faculties of Law and Economic Sciences.


UNILAK enjoys an easy accessibility thanks to its location at the heart of Kigali City. We are located at Kicukiro, 1 km South West of SONATUBES. It has two campuses, notably the one housing its Head Office located in Kigali City and its offshoot located in Nyanza District, Southern Province, which opened its doors in 2010. In January 2011, UNILAK also opened classes in Rwamagana town in the Eastern Province to cater for people who used to commute daily to Kigali City in order to attend classes.


We believe that living and learning are not two separate activities. They are parts of a coherent whole. UNILAK is committed to creating a student-focused, holistic, and diverse educational environment intended to educate the whole person : mind, body, and spirit.

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